• 'When I was almost too stressed to speak, Christopher Hansard was still able to help me with Tibetan  breathing meditations. I found these profoundly helpful and relaxing' P.C.W, Manchester

  • 'Christopher Hansard helped me recover from M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as severe Eczema and Asthma. His considerable knowledge and wisdom freely given as well as his professional bearing have been nothing but an inspiration and help to me in my life. I would advise anyone who needs help for their problems to seek Christopher's guidance' L.B, UK, France

  • 'Christopher Hansard has helped me to recover from the distressing symptoms of Hashimotos Thyroditis, an autoimmune condition affecting the glandular system. I had consulted 3 Alternative practitioners who were not able to help me.  Christopher was able to quickly assess my condition and devised a clear treatment plan involving Tibetan self healing exercises and Tibetan management of stress. He has always provided constant ,reliable support . I have made a significant recovery enabling me to enjoy my work again.' J.E.D, London

  • 'I was racked by pain and aches and had a flu like condition.It completely ruined my life.I had to give up my work in fashion. All my medical doctors didn't know what was wrong and did the best they could. I went to see Christopher Hansard and 6 months later my pain and aches were subsiding, by the end of 8 months I was feeling normal again for the first time in ten years.' M.S.T, Paris

  • 'Christopher Hansard has been keeping my family well for a long time now. We see him whenever there is a health problem. Christopher was able to help both my children recover from serious condition when I was told my children would be affected for the rest of their lives. He has always helped my family be healthy.I send my employees to him if they need to see a practitioner.' D.J, London and New York

  • 'I thought I was really ill. Health Practitioners said a number of things that concerned me. I went to see Christopher Hansard, he told me nothing was wrong physically other than my agitation and worry. He encouraged me to see a specialist, which I did and I had a clean bill of health.' YS, Montreal

  • 'My son had a promising career as a professional tennis player. Christopher Hansard correctly identified that he had a hole in his heart and got him to the specialist care he needed, other health professionals had missed it completely.; T.G., Sussex

Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine

Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine, is a pre buddhist medical system that existed in Tibet, Himalayas and Central Asia well before Buddhism. This form of Tibetan Bon medicine that I practice is from the Dur Bon tradition, one of many forms of Bon. The origins of the Dur Bon tradition come from the island of Olkhon in Lake Baikal, and over a very long time became immersed in the wider Tibetan culture finding its main focus in the Tibetan province of Amdo. If you want to know more please see my bestselling books, available online and bookshops everywhere:

  The Tibetan Art of Living

The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking

The Tibetan Art of Serenity


The techniques listed below comprise the main body of knowledge, but as I work online methods  6,7, 8, 9 and 10 are most useful for online consultations.  

My clients have found the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 to be most helpful in improving physical and emotional health and wellbeing. They are:

  1. Gold Needle Therapy: a form of Tibetan cranial and spinal acupuncture
  2. General and Orthopaedic Tibetan Acupuncture
  3. Tibetan manipulative therapies for soft tissue and muscular injury
  4. Tibetan Radiant Heat, Moxibustion and Cupping techniques
  5. Tibetan Diagnostic Methods: Pulse, Urine, Ear, Eye, Organ and Skin
  6. Tibetan Botanical, Mineral and Herbal Medicine
  7. Tibetan energetic, emotional and physical methods for self-healing and physical well being
  8. Tibetan Behavioural, Meditation, Language and Visualisation techniques for illness and lifestyle
  9. Tibetan Dietary Theory, Methods and Advice to improve energy levels,weight loss, mental clarity, ill health and lifestyle
  10. Tibetan diagnostic questions to ascertain your inner and outer health and create a better quality of life
  11. Tibetan Dur Bon Kum Nye: a therapeutic exercise system done in 8 movements

What It Can Do

Tibetan Dur Bon medicine is an effective system of health care that can be used for a wide variety of health concerns from minor complaints to serious conditions. Tibetan Dur Bon medicine can be used for resolving physical illness, help you with emotional challenges, and as a lifestyle aid to improve the quality of your life.

I start with a two hour consultation from which I will ask questions about your lifestyle, general health, mental attitudes and the health of your parents and their families and that of your spouses or partners. If you have children I will ask about their health even though the consultation is about you. I will ask about the foods, tastes and seasons that you like, the times of day, how you are when you wake up and go to bed and your sleeping patterns.

There are also 29 questions which I will ask that enable me to get a detailed understanding of who you are and how you and your health are in the daily world. After that I then will suggest how often sessions will be , once a week or once or twice a month. Throughout this my aim is to show you what you can also do to be well, and once well, stay well, and have a normal life.

Advantages of Online Health Advice

using Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine

The online  health advice that I offer you is very much the same as a traditional face-to-face consultation with an alternative health provider or your conventional doctor. It is different though that you don't have to travel to see me, or pay for transport costs or talk to a secretary or receptionist. Your communications with me are always private and only with me. The advantages of online health advice using Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine include a focus on wellness, that enables you to have a new understanding about your illness or health concerns. This can then help you to improve your physical health.

The diagnostic methods used in Tibetan Dur Bon medicine are highly effective in getting to the root cause of your health concerns. From this I can then suggest possible courses of action that will improve your health and your quality of life. My aim is for you to improve your health as quickly as you can and get back to having a normal life. However, if I believe that you are in need of immediate conventional medical help I will advise you to see a doctor. If I feel that I can not help you I will tell you.

In your online health advice sessions with me, you will be learning skills that you can benefit from immediately, rather than simply living with a condition. You benefit from the privacy of working with me in your own home. Your Video sessions with me and your email support that I offer are very confidential. The frequency of your sessions is completely up to you, however, I will suggest a minimum number of sessions in which I think you will get the most benefit from.

You can learn new health skills and ways of understanding your health and that has a direct and lasting impact of your confidence, quality of life and physical health. This can be an important turning point in the process of becoming well, for as you change the way you think about your health and your life as a whole, so your physical symptoms can also change and improve. Sometimes the key to becoming well just needs to be unlocked within you, and this can be achieved by understanding your history of been unwell and how you can change it. I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years enabling them to improve, quality of life and heal long standing health issues- I may be able to help you.


What is the Tibetan Idea of Health & Well-Being?

Poor health or ill-health is an absence of balance, in whatever form it presents itself. Good health can be cultivated and from that comes well-being and expression of physical, emotional and spiritual balance ( whatever your view of 'spiritual' may be). Well-being creates well-being, promoting a healthy and stable experience of daily life. Health and its definition is both universal and deeply personal.

Health, your health, is a map of where you are, an account of where you have come from and a powerful indicator of where you maybe going. You may be physically well externally, but your lifestyle or way of living unhealthy in the long term.

Areas of Speciality

I run both a general practice for a wide range of health issues and specialise in chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, degenerative and auto-immune conditions and long standing health concerns. I also can advise people on ways to improve their recovery after experiencing long-term illness or a serious medical condition or injury. I also focus on lifestyle patterns, and advise you on practical accessible methods to improve your health. I also work with people experiencing emotional challenges and spiritual crisis. I am happy to work in association with other practitioners or your medical doctor. I work only by appointment. Clients often ask me to travel to their countries of residence to consult with them or their families. This depends on my prior commitments with my online clients. If you would like me to travel to you plrease send me an email on the Consult with Christopher section of this website to discuss the situation. I will respond quickly to you.

Making an Appointment:

If you would like to know more about fees or you wish to email me; please contact me in the 'Consult with Christopher' section. If you decide to consult with me, after having arranged your appointment I will send you an email invitation to access the secure online video system that I use.

Important Note: Please note that if I think your health issue requires immediate medical help I will inform you of that so that you can seek medical help, as your situation may be better served by direct medical advice. If I cannot help you I will tell you that too, as I work online I cannot offer physical treatments or comment on the treatments offered by others.