• When I see Christopher Hansard I feel safe and understood. I recommend him to anyone needing help to change their lives.' FS , London

  • Compassionate insight, an understanding of a wide range of approaches , combined with respect for my life story, made having Christopher as a practitioner so appreciated and life-affirming." V.T., New York, Vancouver & London

  • 'Christopher has helped me to understand how my mental, emotional and physical systems interact. He has helped me gain insight into why I have become ill and he provided me with tools to ensure I can maintain balance and well-being in the future.' JD, London

  • When I was first diagnosed with a serious degenerative illness and was told what to expect by my wonderful doctors I was quite devastated. My sister referred me to Christopher Hansard. Together he helped me to make a strategy and show me methods to deal with the pain, the immobility and the emotional effects. I was forearmed. Each I time I see him I feel more alive, even though I know I won't win the fight, my quality of life has improved greatly.' N.S., London & Toronto

  • '18 months ago I went to see Christopher Hansard for advice on breaking my addictions. I've never looked back since I have understood how and why I became addicted. I am on the way to healing. J.T., London and Los Angeles

  • 'Christopher Hansard showed me how to help myself in such a way that I was finally able to turn my life around and get on with living. It was the most amazing experience of my life.' A.B.J, San Francisco

About Christopher Hansard

Christopher Hansard runs a busy international online practice working as Physician of Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine. Christopher uses a secure Online Video service so that his clients can have confidential sessions .He offers beneficial,effective and constructive help to people all over the world. Christopher has been in practice for over thirty years and the author of three bestselling books on pre-Buddhist Tibetan medicine, health, lifestyle and spirituality; first published in the United Kingdom by Hodder & Stoughton and in the U.S.A by Simon & Schuster with 16 foreign language publications, and eBooks. They are available online and in book stores. His books helped to make Tibetan Dur Bon medicine understandable to a wide global audience. The books are:

The Tibetan Art of Living:
Wise Body, Wise Mind, Wise Life

The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking:
Successful Thoughts for Successful Living

The Tibetan Art of Serenity:
How to Heal Fear and Gain Contentment

Christopher  has twice spoken at the Oxford Union addressing issues on health, anxiety and social change. Christopher Hansard has also been interviewed about his work for The Sunday Times, The Times, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Scotsman, Scotsman on Sunday, The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, The London Evening Standard, The Daily Express, Mail on Sunday and many other international publications. Christopher also has an online practice as a  Coach and Mentor using The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking.  He also works as an online Psychotherapist and Psychological Trauma Therapist.

Please visit Christopher Hansard’s other websites. They are: